Built-in Resilience.

Your business means everything to you. Yet one piece of glass separates your business from thieves and other intruders. You’d better make sure it’s the right one. CGI Commercial engineers intrusion resistant storefront windows and doors that are designed to keep your business and inventory safe and secure.  Because while your business may temporarily break, your world should never be broken.  


In the face of nearly anything.

Our storefront glass products are made using a proprietary technology that allows it  to crack without breaking, making it  difficult to penetrate.  Originally created to withstand the world’s toughest storms, our windows help you keep out threats of looters, thieves and other intruders.


Engineered and tested to withstand repeated impact

shatter resistant — broken glass almost always stays in frame

Robust SIZES: UP TO 4' x 15'

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Significantly reduces outside noise

Helps Keep disruptions outside, where they belong

Professional grade service and solutions

Built to withstand almost everything.

Our Miami-Dade impact-resistant construction criteria ensures the highest standards of integrity to our storefront window units.  Our difference? We use 2 part structural silicone glazing which maintains the integrity of the window by bonding the laminated glass to the frame, while others only use a gasket to maintain glass placement in frame. All at a fraction of the price of expensive riot glass.

“I’ve seen it first hand here in Miami. CGI Commercial windows can be the difference between major intrusion and minor inconvenience for a building owner or tenant.”


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FEMA USAR FL- TF1 Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Exceptional from the outside. Safe on the inside. It’s more than strength. It’s CGIC Strength.

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CGI Commercial is part of PGTI: a national manufacturer of premium windows and doors whose technically advanced products can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions on earth and are revolutionizing the way people live by unifying indoor and outdoor living spaces.