Commercial Window Products​

We are passionate about our commercial window products, our partnerships, and protecting those who rely on our services. Discover our range of windows and find out how we can work with you on your next Florida-based development project.

Commercial Windows & Doors

Our window products are designed to the highest standards to ensure outstanding performance and style. Your safety and security are paramount, so all of our windows are built to be impact-resistant. Our innovations keep properties safe from would-be intruders and offer industry-leading protection against hurricanes and debris, ensuring that your development is completely future-proofed.

Our windows look great, too. Our window walls bathe commercial and residential properties in natural light and allow for unobstructed views which is especially desirable for high-rise properties and waterfront developments. All of our products are fully customizable and our highly experienced window installation technicians have the capabilities to design and install storefront windows for even the most challenging applications.

We also work with a small selection of hand-picked producers and dealers to ensure that we can meet your exact specifications for your commercial windows. These trusted partners are some of the best in the business and we guarantee the same level of quality that our customers have come to expect of CGIC.

We are proud to serve the state of Florida and we look forward to working with you on your next commercial windows project.

Commercial Window Projects to Inspire You

See how other trade professionals have used CGI Commercial window products on their projects.

We have worked on hundreds of ambitious commercial window projects throughout Florida, from storefront windows in retail units in Orlando to floor-to-ceiling window walls in luxury condominiums in Miami.

Whatever the project, we pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction. Take a look at our past projects to find out how other trade professionals have used our commercial doors and windows services on their projects.