Strength on Your Side

We've launched the definitive, expansive, protective, and impressive solution to storefront windows. We've always been stronger. And now we're also bigger, giving you a 15-foot solution. Without compromising a thing. It's out-front thinking from CGIC.

SlimFront Window System SS3520

The SlimFront impact-resistant storefront window wall system was designed specifically for high-design-pressure applications. With sizes up to 4'x15', this astonishing storefront window wall solution is ready for anything without losing an inch of greatness.

Why choose the SS3520 SlimFront Window?

Engineered with flexibility in mind, this storefront window wall system not only incorporates various glass options and panel configurations; it easily integrates with our SE3550 Storefront Entry Door and includes a wet seal system developed to provide ultimate protection from the elements.

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  • White, Bronze, Clear Anodized, Custom Colors


  • 9/16: Laminated, 1 3/16” Laminated Insulating, High performance LowE and Tints


  • Narrow sightlines:
    • 1” x 5” increases visibility without compromising structural integrity
  • Glazing:
    • Fully captured on all 4 sides
  • External wet glaze
    • Creates an exterior barrier
  • No jamb anchor required

Max size:

  • Up to 15’ high


  • Design Pressures up to +90/-120 providing security, safety and performance in wind borne debris areas