The Use of Commercial Windows in a Residential Setting

At Commercial CGI we often find that residential property owners assume that they’re limited to windows made specifically for private homes. However, that’s not the case: commercial windows can work extremely well in residential properties. 
Floor-to-ceiling window walls and boxy, industrial frames can transform a typical residence into an elevated space with plenty of curb appeal. If you’re considering commercial windows for your residential property, read on to find out whether they could be a good option for you.


Benefits of Commercial Windows Vs Residential Windows

There are several benefits to choosing commercial windows for your home. The most obvious benefit of commercial windows is that they tend to be bigger and therefore have more glass, which floods spaces with light and creates a modern, bright feel. The contemporary architecture of commercial frames is also an appealing aesthetic to developers working on newbuilds and private owners wanting to refresh their properties.
Another key benefit of commercial windows is their resilience to the elements. Commercial windows are required to have a higher wind rating than residential windows, making them a great option for coastal and high-rise properties in places like Florida where storms are common.


Drawbacks of Commercial Windows Vs Residential Windows

Commercial windows are also built to limit the amount of solar heat that can pass through them. This is because commercial buildings tend to generate a lot of their own heat via crowds, lighting, and electrical equipment. Residential windows, on the other hand, are designed to let heat enter naturally to gently warm the area. This is an important consideration for all property owners, but especially for those that live in cooler climates where high heating bills could be of concern.
The affordability of materials and fitting is also a factor when deciding between commercial and residential windows. Commercial windows can rack up higher costs than residential windows due to the materials, specialized glaze, and equipment and expertise required to fit this type of window properly.


The Use of Commercial Windows in a Residential Setting

Unless you have clear requirements that your property must meet, choosing between commercial and residential windows is largely a matter of taste and budget. Regardless of the type of window, the key element for high-performing, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing windows is the quality of the materials, and the skill of the fitters. 
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**Our pressures meet 120 psf and some storefront product has been tested up to 130psf**