Differences in Glass

Aesthetically, all windows may appear the same, but the differences lie in how they perform. Performance is important at all times, but especially when they’re under attack by intruders. 


A high-quality, secure window will protect your business and your loved ones. Here, we’ll explain the differences in glass to help you make the best choice for your commercial window and door systems.

Annealed Glass 

Annealed glass is sometimes called standard glass and is commonly used in storefront applications. Annealed glass is the most economical option for commercial windows and also offers excellent optical clarity, which is why it’s a popular choice. 


However, annealed glass is the weakest commercial glass and tends to break into long, jagged shards which can be extremely dangerous. When compared to other commercial window solutions, this type offers the least protection again intruders and extreme weather.

Tempered Glass 

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass and is four times stronger than annealed glass. This type of glass is common in storefront applications as well as car windows, shower doors, and refrigerator trays.


Tempered glass still breaks extremely easily, despite the extra strength. It’s less dangerous when it does break, though, because it shatters into a huge number of very small pieces rather than large shards.

Dry Glazed Windows

Dry glazing is a way of securing glass in a frame using a gasket. This is the most commonly used system outside of South Florida because it is very easy to assemble and install the product on site. 


Dry glazed glass can withstand more than annealed or tempered glass but its weakness lies in the fact that the entire pane of glass can be pushed out of the gasket. This is because this glazing doesn’t securely bond the glass to the frame, which means that its structural integrity isn’t as robust as glazed impact-resistant systems. 

Wet Glazed Windows

Structurally glazed CGI Commercial storefront systems are much more difficult to break into than other solutions on the market and are the best option for protecting your property from intruders.


Rather than the dry glaze gasket system that doesn’t bond the glass to the frame, we use a wet glazed silicone seal in our products. This two-part structural bond between the glass and the frame can withstand heavy blows and strikes, and it is extremely difficult to break the bond in our wet glazed windows. This acts as an excellent deterrent to criminals to keep you and your commercial property safe.

CGI Commercial Commercial Window and Door Solutions

CGI Commercial is part of the PGT Innovations family of brands. Based in Florida, we design and manufacture high-quality window solutions and commercial door solutions for any applications. As leaders in our industry, we know that our commercial window and door systems can be trusted to protect your business and your loved ones against would-be intruders.


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